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Welcome to ERBIS website
Erbis company is not only a leading producer of Christmas trees and wreaths but also a main wholesaler of materials necessary for the production of Christmas trees. We have been active in Christmas and decorative sector since 1995. We work only on high quality domestic and foreign goods, which we are the leading importer from China, Thailand and Italy. Thanks to the constant care for the best quality of our products and due diligence exercised in the extension of our products’ range we are able to meet the most demanding requirements of our customers and market. We are very proud of the fact that our regular customers who provide themselves comprehensively with our materials recommend our services and products to new clients.

Erbis company is also the producer of machines and devices which serve to the production of Christmas trees. We systematically try to introduce technological innovations and market new products. Recently, we have extended our offer to floral foams.