Erbis is a manufacturer of machines for Christmas tree production. Our company’s offer includes single machines and full assembly lines that can be used for producing artificial Christmas trees, wreaths and garlands. We develop machines and devices based on our own design as well as in accordance with the customer’s documentation.


The production of attractive and eye-pleasing artificial Christmas trees that can compete with natural trees, thanks to the accuracy and aesthetics of workmanship, cannot be based on manual manufacturing with the use of simple tools. Producing top-tier quality Christmas trees requires specialized equipment and reliable machinery. And Ebris designs and develops excellent machines for Christmas tree production.

Our offer includes both new and used machines. A characteristic feature of machinery offered by our company is high quality and guaranteed efficiency combined with precise assembly.

Scissors machine for cutting foil on stripes

Scissors machine for cutting foil on needles

Cutting roller

Foil garlands production machine

Cutting out branch on semicircular shape device

PVC needle garlands production machine

Scissors for cutting garlands on tips

PVC needle garlands production machine

Christmas tree branches frames production machine

Machine for thread mounting of christmas tree branches

Staple pistol

Christmas tree snow machine

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