Our company provides numerous designs of artificial garlands. Erbis offers this type of ornament to its customers in several standard sizes and shapes, examples of which can be found here. Furthermore, the company also produces artificial garlands in a form proposed by the customer as a special order item.

Decorations of apartments, houses, restaurant halls, entrances, gates, doors and temples, designed to celebrate a special occasion, are something completely natural, something that has been deeply rooted in the tradition of nearly all cultures worldwide. Artificial garlands are a very popular and spectacular decoration.

Splited Needle Garland 260 cm

Needle Garland 260 cm

White Needle Garland 260 cm

Julie Garland 260 cm

Ann Garland 260 cm

Standard Garland 260 cm

Standard Garland 200 cm

Oval Garland 100 – 150 cm

Girlanda Rogal 100cm

Artificial Globe

Artificial Bell

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