Our offer includes several types of flowerpots, available in a basic and footed version (urn planter version). All models are available in various sizes. On request of our customers we also manufacture flowerpots in other colors.

Our flowerpots are most often used to create Christmas and sepulchral floral decorations.

Pot I

Pot I New

Pot II

Pot II Garden Planter

Pot II New


Pot III IV Garden Planter

Pot V

Pot VI

Pot Krzyś I II

Pot Krzyś I II Garden Planter

Pot Jaś I II III

Pot Jaś II III Garden Palnter


Large Stand

Pot Ikebana

Pot Ikebana Quadrate

Pot Ikebana Rectangle

Pot Canoe I II III

Pot Canoe Venezia small/large

Eggshell pot small/large

Oval Eggshell Pot


Vase narrow

Vase grid

Pot Orchid Small / Large

Pot Sevilla 11

Pot Verona

Pot doggie bowl I II III IV

Pot square box

Pot Marbella 25 / 32

Pot Cordoba Small

Pot Cordoba Medium

Pot Cordoba Large

Pot Focus Small

Pot Focus Medium

Pot Focus Large

Pot Corona Small

Pot Corona Medium

Pot Corona Large

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